Um den komplexen Prozess der Softwareentwicklung effizient zu meistern, verfolgen die SAP Entwicklerteams bei alogis einen speziellen Ansatz.

    Nothing is impossible ...

    In many cases, the existing functions in SAP Standard software are not sufficient to provide the best support for business-specific processes. Because of our extensive development and technological expertise, we are able to map almost any additional requirement in the system through release-compatible system extensions or additional developments.

    The following aspects play an important role during development work in the SAP environment:

    Software design

    Software design

    • Client Server Architecture
    • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) – SAP Netweaver
    • Business Process Modelling (Adonis, Visio, SOLMAN 7.2 BPMN)
    • Modelling tools - Unified Modelling Language (UML)
    • Design pattern (e.g. MVC)
    • Entity Relationship Model (ERM)
    • Database normalisation according to E.F. Codd
    • Programming methodologies and programming conventions
    • Development tools (Eclipse, SE80, etc.)


    Program types

    • SAP Quickview, SAP Query
    • SAP Batch Input Mapping
    • SAP Business Workflow
    • Dialogue transactions
    • Report (executable program) and form routines
    • Module Pool and modules
    • Function groups and function modules
    • Class pool, subroutine pool and methods
    • Interface Pool
    • Include Program
    • User exits, customer exits
    • Business Add-In (BAdI)
    • Business Transaction Events (BTE)
    • Modification Assistant
    • Remote Function Call (RFC)
    • Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI)
    • SAP Webservices
    • Interfaces (File, IDoc, Xml, OData)

    User interfaces

    • Classic graphical user interface (Dynpro and Screens)
    • GUI controls (e.g. ALV Grid Control, Tree Control, Picture Control)
    • Web Dynpro ABAP
    • Business Server Pages (SAP BSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript)
    • CRM Webclient UI (SAP WebUI)
    • SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori
    • Radio frequency identification (RFID) and barcodes


    • Database technology (Oracle, SAP DB, HANA)
    • Modular, re-useable program structure
    • Procedural/object-oriented programming
    • Unicode conversion
    • Performance optimisation
    • Parallelisation of tasks
    • Decoupling of postings
    • Auto-refresh procedures
    • Blocking problems
    • Logging procedures
    Testing and documentation

    Testing and documentation

    • Quality testing according to SAP Best Practice, TQM, ISO9000
    • Test planning (e.g. SOLMAN 7.2)
    • Function test, integration test, load test, user acceptance test
    • Computer Aided Test Tool (CATT)
    • Extended Computer Aided Test Tool (SOLMAN eCATT)
    • Component Based Test Automation (CBTA)
    • Inline documentation
    • Technical documentation
    • User documentation