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Solutions for maintenance
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Maintenance shares the same fate as IT in terms of general appreciation within the company: On first glance, it just costs money without being directly involved in the value chain. It is only when something stops working that the two areas come to the management’s attention.

Particularly in companies with a high level of investment intensity, underestimating the significance of preventative maintenance can quickly lead to huge problems and associated down-time costs. It is therefore even more important that those responsible always have an over-view of the work to be done and can react quickly to new challenges.

For any company that uses SAP software in their maintenance (PM) and customer service (CS), we offer two effective tools to specifically support maintenance planning and maintenance management work:

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One screen says more than 1000 words ...

The alogis-PM-Cockpit displays all maintenance objects and pending activities at a glance and provides the planner and operational maintenance staff with a range of information and processing functions.

The alogis-PM-Cockpit is the tool for improving transparency and efficiency in maintenance.

While SAP Standard only displays information about service and maintenance work across several transactions and staggered views, the alogis-PM-Cockpit combines the functionalities of the SAP® Module PM (plant maintenance, maintenance) with CS (customer service).

The structured graphical overviews of the alogis-PM-Cockpit allow you to see all your scheduled and operative maintenance data and how they relate to your technical objects. Diverse selection and design possibilities offer everyone their desired view, be it maintenance managers, planners or employees.

As well as this, it offers numerous possibilities to identify long-running jobs and to present ma-chine downtime in the form of numbers and graphs.

Documents linked from different sources (DVS, BDS, and OBSE) are presented for the objects and can be displayed, arranged and changed from the cockpit.

Simple branching possibilities in standard and customer transactions make the alogis-PM-Cockpit the perfect starting point for further processing.


The alogis-PM-Cockpit displays all maintenance objects and pending activities at a glance and provides the planner and operational maintenance staff with a range of information and processing functions.

Download – pdf 755 KB


The alogis-Printmanager enhances the alogis-PM-Cockpit with key functions to select and issue assigned documents.

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A wide range of functions

  • Display of status icons, time processes and data on maintenance contracts and reports.
  • Monitoring of machines and plant availability
  • Planning and control of preventive maintenance
  • Links documents to the key SAP Standard transactions directly from the overview

All document types are taken into account

  • Maintenance orders
  • Service orders
  • Service provider orders
  • Maintenance reports
  • Service reports

Needs-based selection and data display

  • Tree structure for maximum overview and quick navigation
  • Integration of master data and associated documents
  • Access to detailed data
  • Branching into follow-up functions
  • Status visualisation using icons for a quick overview of the processing status

Wide range of customisation options

  • User-specific field selection for table view
  • Change and extension to icon display
  • Free design of legends using presentation software
  • Object-orientated, modular programming environment so it can be easily extended and individually designed for each customer


  • Full overviews of scheduled and operational maintenance data
  • Diverse selection and design possibilities, e.g. maintenance manager, planner and employee view
  • Visualise, save, print and/or send the PDF file using the alogis-PM-Druckmanager (Printmanager)
  • Graphical display of long-term contracts, e.g. machine downtimes
  • Simple branching possibilities in standard and customer transactions
System requirements

System requirements

  • SAP ECC DIMP 5.0 or higher
  • SAP R/3 4.7 with DI 4.7.1

It really doesn’t get any quicker ...

The alogis-DataLoader is the tool for the mass maintenance of maintenance master data.

Using bi-directional communication between SAP® and Microsoft® Excel, data can be exported from the SAP system and imported back again without much training. Errors can be recognised and corrected straight away. This makes it possible to quickly create and change SAP data based on a variety of Microsoft Excel functions.

When creating master data, the data is input from a Microsoft Excel table into SAP® and all SAP input checks are carried out. As a result, erroneous imports are impossible. Where applicable, the status display and an error log point to errors and their causes.

Large amounts of classification data are also taken into account when exporting/importing. However, they can also be added to and extended.


The alogis-DataLoader supports the mass maintenance of master data. The data can be specifically exported, processed based on Microsoft Excel and (re-)imported again taking the SAP plausibility checks into account.

Download – pdf 810 KB

The following plug-ins are available:

  • Equipment
  • Functional locations
  • Work schedules (functional location, equipment, instructions)
  • Parts lists (equipment and functional location)


Allocation of columns:

  • SAP® tables and Excel® tables can be flexibly linked using column names.
  • SAP® column names can be transferred via a pop-up into the Excel® table.

Prior checking when loading:

  • Key checks are carried out when loading from Excel® into the SAP® table.
  • Incorrect records can be copied back via download into the Excel® table and immediately corrected.

Updating data records:

  • Transfer via SAP® function modules
  • Transfer via call-transaction or batch input

Error handling:

  • Status light per individual record provides information on the success of the recording step
  • Error lists by double clicking on each individual record or batch input

Business applications:

  • Electronic data transfer from manufacturer’s machine and plant data (column model)
  • PM master data (mass) changes

Load equipment:

  • Electronic transfer of manufacturers’ equipment data
  • Transfer of features for classification

Load functional locations:

  • Electronic transfer of new machines and plants as “functional location”
  • Transfer of features for classification

Load PM work schedules:

  • Create and change PM work schedules and instructions into the SAP® system

Load PM parts lists:

  • Create and change PM parts lists in the SAP® system
  • Check SAP® Standard position types


  • Quickly create and change SAP data with MS Excel®
  • A range of MS Excel® functions can be used
  • Large amounts of classification data can be taken into account when exporting/importing
  • No erroneous imports due to SAP input checks
  • Lower training costs because SAP data is easy to import/export
System requirements

System requirements

  • SAP ECC DIMP 5.0 or higher
  • SAP R/3 4.7 with DI 4.7.1