alogis Logistikloesungen bündeln langjährige Erfahrung mit unserer SAP-Technologie- und Entwicklungskompetenz – vom standardkonformen SAP-AddOn bis zu erweiterten JIT/JIS-Funktionen.

Solutions for logistics
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Logistics solutions from alogis combine extensive experience gained from numerous, challenging SAP logistics projects with our SAP technology and development capabilities. Hence, they meet the highest of IT standards, such as modularity, stability, flexibility and service orientation.

Based on configurable components, individual solutions tailored to your operational requirements can be quickly implemented. Their usability and automation capacity also firmly under-pin high-performance processes.

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Matthias Mittelstädt
Authorised Officer | Project Manager

Matthias Mittelstädt

alogis-PAXolution (alogis-PAX)
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Our alogis-PAXolution is the standard SAP add-on for customisable process design and automation without programming. The alogis-PAXolution is our solution for flexible implementation and quick adaptation of complex logistics process. Process changes in your IT can be easily implemented without development and programming costs, and without affecting existing processes.

Based on alogis-PAXolution, reusable program components, which have been put together as part of a customised package, only run in dialog in the place where user action is necessary. Hence, users are released from all other postings. This leads to shorter response times, lower training costs and processes that are quick to adapt.


The alogis-PAXolution enables the flexible implementation and quick adaptation of complex logistics processes without additional development and programming costs and without impacting existing processes.

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  • Modular kit system
  • Configuration instead of programming
  • Well over 200 additional functions
  • Easy to extend
  • Control of parallel process chains
  • Parallel background processing
  • Automation of posting steps
  • Standardisation of technical handling
  • Template approach
  • Update and release capability


  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Program stability
  • Process security
  • Investment security
  • High functional degree of coverage
  • Reduction in development and testing costs
  • Reduction in costs and time in development, implementation and training
System requirements

System requirements

  • SAP ECC DIMP 5.0 or higher
  • SAP R/3 4.7 with DI 4.7.1

alogis-JIXolution (alogis-JIX)
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The alogis-JIXolution extends the JIT/JIS functions of the industry solution SAP for Automotive, without leaving the basic framework of the SAP software. A flexible search of components groups in SAP Standard is used as well as action control. The specific features of alogis-JIXolution are found in the actions themselves. These components, developed in-house, can be configured specifically for the customer and include the complete range of WM functionalities. They are also flexible in terms of service-oriented architecture (SOA) and can therefore be combined with efficient process chains. Within the actions, only one update step is carried out in each case. Used in conjunction with the tool for intelligent background processing, alogis-BackgroundApplicationControl (alogis-BAC), this modularity allows almost any degree of automation. Entries for the actions can be recorded directly in the system or via a mobile end device (for example, scanner, pick-by-voice).

You can choose whether the alogis-JIXolution integrates the SAP WM module of SAP ERP or an SAP EWM system into the process chain. The optional transfer of sequence planning into SAP HANA® Cloud Platform (SAP HCP) facilitates highly-available and failsafe sequencing and monitoring functionalities that are independent of any device.



The alogis-JIXolution extends the SAP JIT/JIS functionality around the customer’s own actions, integration into WM and automatic background processing using the alogis-BackgroundApplicationControl (alogis-BAC).

Download – pdf 785 KB


Actions currently available

  • Create JIS rack
  • Allocate components groups
  • Automatically complete PAB rack allocation
  • Create/extend PAB delivery
  • Create WM-TA per rack/compartment
  • Create SD transportation for lorries
  • Picking optimised for racks/access
  • Print sequence/missing part label
  • Prepare JIS rack (n-stage)
  • Load racks on lorries
  • Accept rack in SD transportation
  • Print load lists
  • Dispatch SD transportation
  • Book goods issue
  • Initiate subsequent picking


  • Fully integrated SAP warehouse functions
  • Flexible process design through modular actions
  • Complete process transparency (status/deadlines) via alogis-JIX-Monitor
  • Can be automated to a high degree via alogis-BAC
  • Easy to use with RF Dialog
  • All actions can also be posted in the dialog with standard transactions
  • Availability check and scheduling on accessing PAB
  • Very few subsequent/special deliveries due to late rack fixing
  • Release-capable because it is based fully on SAP functions
System requirements

System requirements

  • SAP ECC DIMP 5.0 or higher
  • SAP R/3 4.7. with DI 4.71