The new generation of CRM and your way there

    What is SAP C/4HANA?

    The new solution for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is called SAP C/4HANA and represents a further development of the Hybris solution in combination with additional functionalities. SAP C/4HANA creates intelligent customer loyalty in real-time at all points of contact through the integration of customer data management, machine learning and microservices.

    The customer experience platform SAP C/4HANA is the basis for the five cloud modules Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce and Customer Data. These modules can be used together or you can start with a single module to improve your processes. Coupled with technologies such as Machine Learning, In-Memory-Technology, Internet of Things and Blockchain, the perfect customer experience is created.

    We can identify possible ways for you

    Our CRM specialists know your project challenges, user requirements and CRM processes from numerous projects. We will gladly inform you about the CRM software suite SAP C/4HANA and show you your options for designing and improving your customer management. Our team is at your disposal for questions about CRM and C/4HANA.

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    SAP C/4HANA Software and CRM Consulting

    You are using SAP CRM and want to know how it will continue? Develop a strategy with us for the further development of your system considering SAP C/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA® for Customer Management.

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    SAP S/4HANA® vs. C/4HANA - what you need to know:

    With S/4HANA® and C/4HANA all customer interactions integrated at a glance

    Since 2015, the SAP S/4HANA® ERP suite has been conquering the market and managing all operational processes for companies. With the Customer Experience Suite C/4HANA, companies can now access the latest technologies in the CRM environment. The combination of S/4HANA® and C/4HANA covers your entire process landscape through the smooth interaction of the two systems. All points of contact with the customer, including your internal processes, can thus be mapped. Seamlessly from lead to service order without thinking about system boundaries.

    Discover sales potential with C4/HANA & 360-degree view of your customer

    To stay competitive, companies not only need to meet customer's expectations but to excel them to retain the customer. Traditional CRM systems are often enhanced with complementary solutions that are not or not fully integrated into enterprise software (ERP). With C/4HANA, SAP delivers a total solution with the integration of Internet offerings and social media, in which all data and processes are presented together and complement each other.

    The way from SAP ERP / CRM to the next generation integration

    SAP CRM customers have the opportunity to progressively integrate with the next generation. How exactly this is done depends largely on individual customer needs.

    This results in the following steps:

    1. We start with a side-by-side approach and continue to use SAP CRM despite S/4HANA®.

    2. Afterwards, first processes with C/4HANA can be partially transferred to the cloud.

    3. Finally, S/4 and C/4 work hand in hand to cover all business processes.

    Even if you are using SAP CS (no equivalent in S/4), you will find your solution in SAP C/4HANA:

    What advantages does the CRM Suite SAP C/4HANA offer?

    S/4HANA® launches are currently dominating the SAP project business. Mostly with main focus on internal company processes. These projects bind a lot of resources of SAP customers and SAP service providers. If the CRM processes are ignored on this occasion, a lot of potentials can be lost. You need to keep in mind SAP CRM 7.0 is affected by the end of maintenance in 2025, too.

    C/4HANA offers the opportunity to considerably improve external business processes as well. The process improvements are often fundamental, so it is important to start as soon as possible.

    SAP C/4HANA offers:

    • precise and efficient control of the customer experience through the complete integration of the sales processes from prospect to invoicing,
    • holistic integration of all relevant CRM processes, as the cloud components cover all CRM-relevant processes and departments (such as marketing, sales and service),
    • optimal communication between the different clouds within C/4HANA and to S/4HANA® through the SAP Cloud Platform,
    • and a lower level of integration through the backend integration of C/4HANA with S/4HANA® (and SAP ERP).

    The five cloud solutions from SAP C/4HANA:

    SAP Sales Cloud

    SAP Sales Cloud

    What does the SAP Sales Cloud offers:

    The SAP Sales Cloud is a component of the C/4HANA suite that automates sales processes and optimizes sales. Mobile, independent work with customer data and evaluations can accelerate sales processes and inspire customers.

    This module includes i.a. Customer and contact management, lead management, team and region management, route planning, quoting, including "configure price quote" (CPQ), evaluation of cross and up-selling potential, and offline availability of the system.

    The advantages of SAP Sales Cloud are:

    •     higher user acceptance through an intuitive user interface and state-of-the-art interface design on all devices,
    •     faster sales activities through intelligent analysis and forecast functionalities,
    •     simple and central management of the prospect and customer data as well as opportunities,
    •     as well as more flexible and productive customer relationship management through mobile work. Thus, your data is not only available in the office but from anywhere.
    SAP Service Cloud

    SAP Service Cloud

    What does the SAP Service Cloud offers:

    The C/4HANA component SAP Service Cloud provides service managers with an overview of all service processes and services in real-time. The service cloud enables service employees to access all the important information about the service processes of the most diverse service channels on a mobile basis. The solution for handling customer service includes customer communication and its evaluation in all service channels. Customers will love the quality of service.

    This module includes i.a. Field Service, Self Service, Maintenance Plans Time Recording, Route Planning and IoT Servicing.

    The advantages of the SAP Service Cloud are:

    •     comprehensive 24/7 support through self-service customer portals and customer support communities,
    •     various contact options for customers through Omni-Channel Call Center and Service Ticketing,
    •     an intelligent personnel & resource planning including consideration of external resources (crowd service),
    •     mobile (online & offline) order management and order confirmation for your field staff with predictive material delivery for proactive field service,
    •     as well as a perfect backend integration into the company processes (SAP S / 4HANA® and SAP ERP).
    SAP Customer Data Cloud

    SAP Customer Data Cloud

    What does the SAP Customer Data Cloud offers:

    The SAP Customer Data Cloud provides an important component to secure and manage customer and corporate data by following the EU DSVGO Regulation. This legally compliant and audit-compliant storage of customer data complies with national and international legal requirements.

    This module includes i.a. Social Login, Federation & Single Sign-on, Opt-in Management and Self-Service Preference Center.

    The advantages of the SAP Customer Data Cloud are:

    •     asecure and legally compliant management of customer profiles and authorizations by state-of-the-art encryption technologies,
    •     easy management of permissions through the intuitive self-service platform,
    •     automatic request for informed consent for changes to agreed content,
    •     as well as central and consolidated customer data management, which enables current analyzes at any time.
    SAP Marketing Cloud

    SAP Marketing Cloud

    What does the SAP Marketing Cloud offers:

    The SAP Marketing Cloud is the solution for customer-specific marketing in real-time. This C/4HANA component allows companies to get to know their customers completely.

    You can analyze your past and present marketing activities as well as the most popular channels. By accurately analyzing customer activity, behaviour and response, companies learn to understand customers and can respond to tomorrow's needs today. This creates a competitive advantage and an optimization of customer loyalty to brands.

    This module includes i.a. customer journey insights, campaign automation, customer segmentation, and referral marketing.

    The advantages of the SAP Marketing Cloud are:

    •     comprehensive audience segmentation through big data analytics,
    •     customer-specific real-time recommendation & campaign optimization through omnichannel customer communication,
    •     and comfortable campaign evaluation through the analysis of all touchpoints.
    SAP Commerce Cloud

    SAP Commerce Cloud

    What does the SAP Commerce Cloud offers:

    The SAP Commerce Cloud supplements the portfolio of SAP C/4HANA. This solution component offers a variety of ways to improve e-commerce. Thus, sales potentials are fully exploited, creating personal and extraordinary customer experiences during the purchasing process.

    This module includes i.a. Global Scalability, All-in-One Commerce Solution (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) and Customer Journey Management.

    The advantages of the SAP Commerce Cloud are:

    •     advanced personalization, targeting, and self-service features for an outstanding customer journey,
    •     comprehensive customer acquisition and retention capabilities in the B2B or B2C business to increase sales and cost-efficiency
    •     and centralized management of product information management and control of suppliers, distributors and partners, creating important competitive advantages.